CYO 2011: European Networking Event on Mass Customisation and the Creative Consumer

Publicado: abril 8, 2011 en eventos
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This year will become the year of mass customization. First, the MCPC 2011 Conference promises to become the biggest networking and knoweldge event ever. But it will be only at the end of November 2011… Before, there is a great opportunity for everyone in Europe to meet and network: Supported by the European Commission, a consortium of European companies and research organisations is hosting the Create Your Own 2011 (CYO 2011) event in Berlin, Germany, May 30 and 31st, 2011.

The term “Create Your Own” denotes a growing trend of start-ups and corporate entrepreneurship in Europe to create offerings catering to the creative consumer and serving the personalisation movement.

Together with local post-industrial design collective Cookies And Code and RWTH Aachen, EU research projects OpenGarment and SERVIVE will bring the vibrant global conversation about the future of making and selling personalised goods and services to Berlin.

The group is presenting its first annual “Create Your Own” event on Monday May 30, 2011 at the IMA Design Village in Berlin (17-20 h).  The opening event will feature over fifty co-creation entrepreneurs, makers, researchers, technology experts, policy maker, and investors from around Europe. A press conference and special exhibition will present the makers and shapers of personalisation and customisation in Europe to a wider audience,

On the following day, May 31, a full day business seminar will provide a detailed look at innovative European start-ups that are quite literally giving the people what they want. At the seminar, plenary presentations and panels will look into the market for mass customisation, new business models connected with the trend, and the latest technologies that make it happen.

The event “Create Your Own 2011″ is a unique opportunity to explore the reality and future behind individualisation, co-creation, and personalisation — mega trends that are shaping the European consumption landscape.

The CYO event has three core objectives.

  1. Give participants a thorough overview of what is happening today, what can be learned from the past, and what future already is here from key thought leaders in the field.
  2. Help people in different fields of practice to explore how they can use mass customisation, co-creation and personalisation to get more out of what they do as a creative producer. This purpose will be served by a special workshop, the “Mass Customization incubator”.
  3. Showcase some of the best and most promising products and customization offerings to a general public.

All information and registration at

Frank Piller (RWTH/MIT)



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