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The full conference program of the MCPC 2011 has been released.

In addition to hundreds of CEOs, Founders, Directors, and Practice Leaders of the companies that apply and support mass customization, customer co-creation and open innovation successfully, many of the world’s leading researchers in these areas will present latest findings in an accessible way. Some of the presenters involved:

  • Henry Chesbrough (Professor of UC Berkeley)
  • Frank Piller (Professor of RWTH/MIT)
  • Kent Larson (MIT Media Lab)
  • Joseph Pine (Strategic Horizons)
  • Chris Anderson (Wired Magazine)
  • Ashish Chatterjee (Director of Connect+Develop at Procter & Gamble)
  • Andy Zygna (CEO of Nine Sigma)
  • John Jacobsen (Head of Engineering at Quirky)
  • Derek Elley (CEO of Ponoko)
  • Nik Pinkston (Founder of Cloudfab)
  • Mark Hatch (CEO of TechShop)
  • Cathy Benko (Vice Chairman and Chief Talent Officer of Deloitte U.S. Firms)
  • And many more representants from Threadless, Ford Motor Corp, Reebok…

The interactive conference format of the MCPC 2011, supported by the proximity to the Silicon Valley / Bay Area entrepreneurship and investment community, allows for deep interaction and networking between the participants.

Also, before the main conference (Nov 18-19), a special business seminar will provide executable frameworks for the management of mass customization and open innovation and a focused view on future topics.

You can now join the conference in a lively exchange on best practices, case studies, success factors and open business models that focus on the top management and leadership issues and / or provide deep insights into specific design parameters of the tools and technologies behind open co-creation and mass customization. Some selected topics of presentations and panels at the MCPC include:

  • Setting up a mass customization business model
  • The market for mass customization
  • Defining a customer co-creation initiative that works
  • Managing customer-centric supply chains and fulfillment
  • Design elements of successful configuration toolkits
  • Metrics for open innovation
  • Implementing open innovation in an R&D organization
  • Learning from failures of the early pioneers
  • Getting VC investments for business models for MCP
  • Optimal incentives for internal and external participants
  • Getting corporate buy-in for customer co-design and OI
  • And much more…

By the way, the MCKN platform (see previous post), will be advertised to such auditorium during the event.

Frank Piller (RWTH/MIT)